Introduction to Multichannel Ecommerce

Posted on: 15 February 2014
Introduction to Multichannel Ecommerce

The facets of ecommerce have changed a lot over the years. Today the online market is flooded with different e-commerce portals each trying to get a part of you. Multichannel is not a new concept in the world of marketing. It’s just that the implementation of the multichannel ecommerce has changed lately. Earlier multichannel ecommerce mainly meant setting up a four walled shop at different places, in some cases at different geographies and outreaching your potential customers.


However with the advent of World Wide Web in early nineties followed by the Launch of Google triggered an entirely new concept of commerce. And yes you are right the traditional commerce took the shape of today’s multi billion industry of ecommerce. Some of the earliest players of multichannel ecommerce were eBay to start with followed by Amazon.


Technically speaking multichannel ecommerce is a platform which enables you to set up and maintain stores on different ecommerce platforms and managing the entire inventory management system online single handedly. If you have a store on Amazon and consequently you started up a store on eBay, Have your ever imagined how are going to keep all the information updated on your stores? Let’s assume that Mr. X bought a mobile on Amazon as a result of which you are now left with 2 other sets one on each platform. But the question is how you are going to update it on both the portals instantly? Here comes the role of Multichannel Ecommerce. With the blink of your eyes the products are updated on both Amazon and eBay. And it’s just not limited to two, get a store on n number of platforms and with the help of this Software As A Service tool you will be able to keep the track of each penny spent, each product transacted from any of your stores and entire inventory management stuff. It is more like setting up your virtual online store and serving your customers.


Your Marketing Strategy and the role of Multichannel Ecommerce

Often marketers tend to spend too much on one of the marketing channels and as result by the time they realize that they should diversify their efforts, they are not left with bucks to do so. So here are few tips to keep your ball rolling


No pain No gain-So your marketing head have been focusing too much on affiliate marketing, spending chunks on Socializing and wasting the talent of your developers in SEO. And you are expecting that by 2015 you will be a multi billionaire company. Never, not at least in this life time. So learn to jolt yourself every day. Try to filter the survey reports, focus on every possible emerging marketing trends and there you are, you can find the taste of success even more sweeter.


Diversification Is the Market Savior-

One of the best ways to formulate an all weather marketing strategy is to diversify your presence. Just do not concentrate on a single platform. Explore the new ones as well. If you have a presence on eBay, go for Amazon, or some other leading retail platform as well. And this is not the end of the world as you have many more platforms to set up your presence. And in return you increase not only your brand value but your presence as well.


Think Smartly- Now this is where you have to be choosy. Once you have set up stores over cross channel platforms try to select Multichannel Ecommerce software which can cater to your needs. Once you have made the right choice, you are just left with analyzing your traffic, profit and fine-tuning your ecommerce strategies.

At the end of the day who would not want to earn more profit. It’s just that you have to change your shoes and get into the shoes of Multichannel ecommerce. And let the vision for your ecommerce portal come true. 

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