Success Stories

We needed a solution for the multiple log-ins we had for all our web stores. It was becoming a hassle especially when we had to change our passwords every 6 months. Syncline provided the solution we needed with its platform for multichannel. We can access ALL our online stores in one place. It’s simple, straightforward and we no longer have the hassle of several passwords.

Susan W.


Revolutionary software! All of our online stores in one! We have 3 shopping channels which Syncline was easily able to accommodate, and we are still amazed at how much spare time we have now all of our shops have been integrated into one platform. We paid a small one off cost and we are most pleased with the results.


Comic Artists

I am no good with maintaining stock levels efficiently, and Syncline has been an absolute godsend! It brought together and combined my four web stores enabling me to manage them all in one place, and now my inventory is synchronised to a high level. I honestly never thought it would be this easy. I no longer stress or worry, and I get a good night’s sleep.


Luxury Textiles

I never knew how much I needed a one-stop solution to my multichannel needs until I had one. For a low cost, I am now able to access all my channels in one convenient place. It was easy to set-up and Syncline has been there to support me every step of the way. I no longer oversell or undersell and I can view sales reports for all market places. Syncline is an absolute must for all online sellers with multiple stores.


Entertainment Magpie