Content Marketing Tips For Ecommerce Store

Posted on: 21 August 2014
Content Marketing Tips For Ecommerce Store


One of the most crucial elements of online marketing is conversion rate. You might get a lot of traffic through blogs and other unique content but at the end all that matters is how many of them actually contributed to your revenue. It is important to ensure that your website has a high conversion rate in order to stay in the competition profitably. In most cases, all you would need is a bit of creativity and the ability to make a personal connection with the customers. Here are some ideas to integrate.



Remembering The Start


Everyone loves a good success story. Tell people how you came up with the idea for your unique ecommerce store and what led you to consider it seriously. Add all the juicy details as people love reading and you get a platform to describe the hard work and perseverance that went into the making of a brand that has a worldwide following.


Introduce The People Behind



Customers always want to know the people they are paying/following. A human connection will also be more engaging for volunteering the brand advocacy. Knowing a person gives more reason to trust the work that he/she does than just interacting with a programmed interface. Introduce all the team members – the founder, the graphic designer, the developer, the marketing executive and even the delivery guys. You might even ask followers to write posts on what they feel about these members and share their own ideas. Once, people feel more involved in the brand, it is more likely to show up in the conversion rates.


Behind the scenes



Behind the scenes is always more interesting than the polished product. This will include everything from the first sketch of your logo to the mass production pictures of your products. Speak of how your products have evolved over the years and the reasons to bring in the changes. You might share the idea through pictures or videos. If you are an international seller, you might also like to include a video of how the order is packed and shipped! This attaches more value to the product.


Customer interviews



If you are able to share a post on what a ‘real’ customer feels after using your product, you are creating a positive impact on every visitor who checks it. People love getting interviewed and feel that they are an important part of the brand. Many customers would like to volunteer for interviews and also share the same with their contacts. There is no reason that you should be missing out on this opportunity.


Giving something extra



Content marketing can be an added dynamism by including giveaways to loyal customers. Every one of us loves free stuffs, even if its value is minimal. However, in lieu of it, you can generate a fulfilling bunch of new subscribers. Run contests, ask for idea submissions, and ask for shares/social media posts, link building, etc and you are killing several birds with one arrow!


While marketing today has become more programmed, personal touch retains its own advantages. Try to be unique in your ways and you wouldn’t have to worry about meeting the revenue targets. Content should be an element that has the capability to motivate and transform. As opposed to a mere description of a product, it should excite visitors/customers in more number of ways.

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