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Digital Marketing Tactics That Can Boost Your Business Growth

May 07 , 2016 | by Admin
In the age of the internet, business, both large and small has integrated digital marketing techniques into their work processes. Though traditional media still forms an important part of advertising, internet has been a top weapon to drive success in the past decade. Needless to say, businesses that haven’t yet adopted the right online marketing strategy are as good as non-existent !   When we talk about digital marketing for businesses, many understand it to be limited to websites and a Facebook account. However, that’s never the end game. To be successful in the longer run, entrepreneurs and brands have been continually striving to update their digital marketing strategies and adopt newer tools and platforms.
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Beneficial Strategies To Boost Your B2B Marketplace

Mar 28 , 2016 | by Admin
Brands mean more than their logos, taglines or the elevator pitches. At its heart is the assurance that you promise of the product’s/service’s quality. When it comes to these promises, there are two simple rules. First, don’t make any promises that you will fail to keep and second, you can’t be making promises if you aren’t yet sure about your capabilities. Though this may sound simple, abiding by them isn’t an easy job. Adding the fact that we are operating in a super-competitive market, this becomes a battle between your competitors and your success.     B2B would serve as your venue to compete against several manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retails for the same demographic.
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Top 6 Inventory Management Tips [Infographic]

Feb 17 , 2016 | by Admin

All online traders utilize technology to collect and handle consumer orders. But for quickly rising brands, basic ecommerce platforms can’t offer the point of superiority and feature that it takes to manage inventory across several locations and channels. And the way top brands are meeting those challenges is by partnering with logistics and fulfillment providers that recognize how advanced inventory management software can advance the supply chain and directly help customers.


Correct inventory management software and order fulfillment systems create several significant benefits for online retailers. Go through the infographic below to understand how an automated inventory management system can help online stores.



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The Key to Multi-Channel Growth

Jan 11 , 2016 | by Admin
All online retailers use technology to receive and manage customer orders. But for rapidly growing brands, basic ecommerce platforms can’t provide the level of sophistication and detail that it takes to manage orders across multiple locations and channels. And the way leading brands are meeting those challenges is by partnering with logistics and fulfilment providers that understand how advanced order management software can improve the supply chain and directly benefit customers.
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Tips to keep your ecommerce site safe and secure

Nov 25 , 2015 | by Admin
Technology has many aspects. It can be a boon or even a pest; it can be a blessing or even a curse. If it is used in the right manner then nothing can be more useful than it and if misused then it may result in disasters. One needs to be very alert and cautious while using their private information online. These day hackers have become smarter. They don’t just prey someone separately but rather they try to wreck an entire mass related to a particular webpage or website. These day ecommerce companies who are essentially online based are becoming victims of these con hackers. These hackers have the capability of changing an entire system in just a flick of seconds.
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Tips to Increase the Average Order Value on Your Ecommerce Website

Oct 28 , 2015 | by Admin
  Performance of an ecommerce website is often measured in terms of visitors it attracts and total number of conversions it record. You can increase the amount of visitors by using different marketing tactics but you need to go a step further if you want to improve the conversions. Here are some of the important tips you can use to increase the average order value:   1. Offer Combos     Offer combos when customers purchase a product just like the way cell phone companies do. They basically offer accessories like bluetooth, car charger and covers with the cell phones.  You can also offer them discounts on the purchasing of combos from your store. Using this little trick you can increase your conversions.   2.
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Mobile Marketing Trends for 2016 [Infographic]

Oct 16 , 2015 | by Admin
According to a 2014 report by eMarketer, 25% of the population used a smart phone. In 2015, the numbers have grown further. Especially in the ecommerce concept, more numbers of users are accessing products from their smart phones as compared to users on desktops and laptops. Smartphones have really defined the term “mobile” in its truest sense. The devices have made it much more convenient and easy to look for products on the internet. In response to the growing significance of mobile in ecommerce, here are the top 7 marketing trends to watch out:   1. Rise of video ads There have been a lot of changes in the way mobile platforms have been used for advertisements. Video ads are becoming more popular with devises getting bigger and better.
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Advantages of Inventory Management System

Sep 24 , 2015 | by Admin

Any retailer, both online and offline would agree that inventory management is crucial to business success. As the market is increasing and sellers are introducing long product lines, inventory management is getting more and more complicated. For sellers active on more than a single ecommerce website, inventory management software can sync stocks under different sales channels.


There are several ways how inventory management software may help an online retailer. Here are the top 5 points:




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3 Creative Ways to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

Sep 16 , 2015 | by Admin
When your website isn’t getting any traffic, you are not generating any sales. And when you are not generating sales it can become a headache and completely frustrating.   More often than not, there is nothing wrong with the website itself – it has been designed by professionals and does what is says on the tin, but it just sits quietly in a corner of the internet, unloved and unwanted.   The sad truth is, in the world of the internet, you have to earn the attention you so desire. Having a website doesn’t automatically guarantee hundreds of visitors every month. You have to build up your brand and get your name out there to be noticed.   Marketing is a dull word.
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How To Automate Your Ecommerce Business?

Aug 13 , 2015 | by Admin
  Managing a business is not an easy task. It needs lots of hard work, time and planning. Things can become more complicated when apart from your physical store you have an ecommerce store too and you are dealing globally. There are lots of tools you can use to improve the performance of your ecommerce store. Here are some simple techniques and tools to make it effortless to push your business forward:   1. Shipping Management     With the help of Syncline you can easily streamline shipping process for all your marketplaces from one common place. Through the admin panel you can organize the shipping method and list the stage of the order.   2.
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