How To Improve The Quality Of Your Landing Page

Posted on: 16 April 2015
How To Improve The Quality Of Your Landing Page

Gaining a good Quality Score for your landing page on Google seems to be intimidating but marketers have several tools that help in optimising campaigns. Basically, Quality Score is an exact estimate about how relevant landing page ads are. Both Bing Ads and Google AdWords assign websites with a quality score that can be used to create a more relevant content. Measured on a scale of 1 to 10, the Quality Score of the landing page depends on the relevancy of the keywords used in your campaign. Higher ranked landing pages will lead to more traffic, better ad positioning and lowered prices. Here are the common tips that will help marketers improve their landing page quality scores.




Original, Unique and Relevant Content



Content is always the prime element in improving your Quality Score. Consequently, landing pages should clearly reflect the search query that has led to the landing page. While developing your landing page, all you need to ensure is that the content is tailored in a way that directly presents the common search queries that targeted visitors would be using. There is also no need to get wrapped up in “keyword density”. Just go for the originality and uniqueness of the content that would satisfy the curiosity of the visitors. Whether you are depending on SEO or Paid searches, the more relevant the content is, the more number of visitors it is going to attract.


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Transparency of Information



Transparency of information promotes user security more than anything else. It helps build trust about the website and consequently gains more attention and credibility. Make sure that:


1. It is easy to access contact details and business information

2. You ask upfront for any information you require from visitors, be it subscriptions or downloads

3. Visitors aren’t surprised with any action resulting from any “clicks”


When you are trying to collect the relevant visitor information from your landing page, the user should know what it is for and how it will be used. Needless to say, marketers need to support it with a detailed privacy statement and contact details of representatives.


Easy Navigation



It doesn’t take long for a visitor to switch from one site to another. It happens only when the information and the interface seems to be baffling for the visitor. Landing pages should be designed in such a way that the visitors find it intuitively easy to find sections and move to further details of the products, services and other business related information.


Loading Speed



The mobile world and improving technology has made internet a simpler thing. Gone are the days when users would wait for a page to load to be able to access its information. With several competing businesses, marketers need to ensure that the landing page is supported by a good server speed. Pages loading too slowly are also penalised by Google and have very low Quality Score. It will also be important to note here that visitors will be using a variety of devices and networks to browse through business landing page. Consequently, they need to be optimized to offer a faster, lighter and easier sharing of the information. Using Google tools to evaluate page speeds, marketers have a variety of tools to optimize landing pages. A fast experience is synonymous with the busy world that we live in today. Don’t compromise or else you are going to lose out.

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