Multi Channel eCommerce VS Cross Channel eCommerce

Posted on: 24 March 2014
Multi Channel eCommerce VS Cross Channel eCommerce

It is difficult to differentiate between Multichannel ecommerce and Cross Channel ecommerce. These ecommerce solutions are linked and separating them could cause problems to arise. It is a common notion evolved over time in the ecommerce world.



Multi channel ecommerce has bridged the gap in the ecommerce industry. Traditionally, if a retailer wanted to sell their products on more than one channel, they would have to list their products separately on each channel.  Multi-channel solutions have allowed sellers to merge their selling channels and gain more revenue = more sales.


Retailers now have the opportunity to sell the products on their online store and also distribute their products on ecommerce platforms eBay and Amazon. The selling process is efficient, simplified and effective. Retailers new to the ecommerce world could benefit from having an alternative customer experience to offline.


In simple terms; Multi-Channel ecommerce enables information sharing between retail channels.


Cross channel ecommerce incorporates Multi-Channel ecommerce into one single portal to control and manage your selling channels. It is less time consuming than managing each channel individually. Products can be listed easily and all the updates takes place in real time on all your channels. Once a customer’s order is placed, it will be processed and dispatched quickly. Retailers are always in the loop and receive all their updates in one interface. Keeping track of stock levels is no walk in the park! Stock levels are adjusted automatically using cross channel systems, so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of stock levels being misrepresented.


Also, cross- channel ecommerce allows sellers to implement their brands consistent look and feel throughout their channels. It’s always reassuring for customers to shop in a place they are familiar with and trust!

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