Multichannel Retail Sales: New Trick of Going Global

Posted on: 11 April 2014
Multichannel Retail Sales: New Trick of Going Global

Those days are long gone when the shopping of goods and services were only confined to physical stores. The advent of internet has changed a lot of things and even today it is playing its tricks. There was a time when setting up a website or a store on Amazon and eBay was enough to get more sales and to go global. Capturing the vast number of customers seems to be a tedious task these days. The reason being almost every business is now online. There are possibilities that the services you are providing at a price might be higher than the price at which another vendor is providing the same commodity. As a result of which you might wonder for a solution. So at that time you might think for some quality solution which can give you the freedom to focus on your marketing campaign. The solution which can save the time you spend on updating the inventory of your different ecommerce channels, solution which can save the efforts and money spent on repeated tasks you have to perform from your different selling channels



Well let us start our discussion with a brief conversation which took place yesterday between me and my friend. He enquired me whether the single channel retail sales are dead? Actually this friend of mine is running an automobile accessory store online but the amount of enquiries he was receiving in past was far better than the enquiries he is getting these days.  Well he is finding a decrease in the sales and in the revenue, reasons are quite obvious:


1.      With a single platform you can only target a bunch of customers


2.    If you have three independent stores then how will you save time for other important tasks beneficial for your business.


3.    It is almost impossible to manage the enquiries and orders on all the three stores at a same time if these stores are independent moreover you are not using a platform which integrates all these selling channels.



This is where the role of the software - The Syncline comes into play.  With all the latest features like automated order management, bulk listing, integration of all the selling channels and shipping management, this new multichannel ecommerce solution developed by KOL Team is in the top list of best ecommerce systems you should have in 2014.


It might not be wrong if I will say:


Going global = Multichannel retail sales = The Syncline


Reap the benefits of this new multichannel retail management system today. Integrate your selling channels, increase your sales, save efforts, time and money. 

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