Top 6 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Successful [Infographic]

Posted on: 27 March 2015
Top 6 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Successful [Infographic]

Successful email will always try to push their email opening rates to maximum. Here are some other tips that will help you boost your email marketing campaign.


1. Gaining Attention with a Catchy Subject Line


A well written and precise subject line is the best way to ensure that your message is sent across. Successful newsletter writers will spend most of the time thinking about the subject line than the actual content. Take your time in determining words, phrases and their arrangement that will be noticed by your audience. You can also go for personalisation wherein the subject line includes the name of the subscribers. Also, it is important that you put relevant information on the subject line that precisely describes the rest of the newsletter/email advertise.


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2. Timing


If you are trying to sell tickets for the weekend, it is better if you have sent the campaign details on a Thursday. Tuesday would be too early (the subscriber might even forget it) and Saturday would be too late (they will already have made their plans). In this case, an email sent on Thursday (midweek) is more likely to get the attention. If your newsletter/email is targeted for businesses, a morning mail or a late night mail would be unprofessional. Try to send one in the lunch hours when your audience will have some time to go through the mail. In the same way, timing also refers to economic timing. Find the statistics and review the last year results.


Go through this infographic and get to know the tips and tricks to make your email marketing campaign successful.


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