Why integrate multiple selling channels?

Posted on: 26 March 2014
Why integrate multiple selling channels?

In the age of ecommerce every online store owner wants to make profit or say every online shop wants to attract as many customers as possible. Multichannel retailing is not a new concept; for years business owners have maintained their stores on different platforms to target specific customers. Yesterday I met a guy who is running a store on eBay, as well as on Amazon and selling the same products through his website too. Everything looks fine if we just inspect it on the surface level but if we dig a little deep the problems these business owners are facing are crystal clear. Their trading stores are independent from each other. They have to manage the inventory for each store independently. Major part of their time is spent in some repetitive processes like updating the inventory, managing orders, updating the product details and many more. Isn’t it amazing if we can manage all these tasks from a single interface? Well here comes the role of multichannel retailing software.



The trend of multichannel retailing has become a new harpoon for the online businesses because of its various advantages like bulk listing, automated inventory management across various channel and easy order management.


However this entire process requires you to choose the right multichannel ecommerce solution. Integrating all the operations across the channels and providing the seamless shopping experience is the backbone of multi platform retailing. The data also plays a crucial role as these systems solely operate in a real time environment. Capturing the data, analyzing it, decision making on the basis of that data are some of the other key processes.  


To fulfill all these requirements, to get done with all these processes smoothly and to increase the overall revenue by decreasing the time spent on repetitive processes KOL Limited has just brought a new player in the world of multichannel ecommerce - The Syncline.


As experienced by the customers, this multichannel solution is able to remove that hassle of frequent running tasks and it also comes with some additional features you won’t get with any other multichannel retailing solution.


It might not be wrong if we will say that if you have online stores running on different platforms and you are in search of more than the best multichannel retailing solution then The Syncline should be your first choice. 

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