You Know The Story

Posted on: 25 February 2015
You Know The Story

Logging into your account on Amazon. Then logging out before logging in to your account on Play. And then doing the whole process all over again on EBay. You sit there and wonder how much time could be saved if you didn’t have to do all this logging in and out on different market places.


It was a great idea to begin with. You wanted to sell your goods but couldn’t afford to spend thousands on a website to market your products. So you started where you knew best. Marketplaces. EBay was the name most suggested and that is where you began. With sales going well you then took a risk and branched out to Play, and when that paid off you headed on over to Amazon.


Things are going well, the great idea has exploded into a really fantastic I’m-so-glad-I-did-this idea. There’s more money in your pocket (or bank account!) that you could have ever dreamed of doing this. But sometimes you struggle to keep track of inventory and thankfully only on two occasions have you managed to oversell.


What if there was a solution to the constant logging in and logging out of different accounts? What if there was a way to keep track of your inventory and not over or undersell?

What if no more!


We have the solution for you.


Syncline is the management of multichannel ecommerce simplified. It is a one-stop solution for all your multichannel requirements. With Syncline you can easily and conveniently manage your various retail channels through a common platform/administrative panel.



Simply upload all of your product listings, including relevant content, image, descriptions and other SKU related fields and you will be collating all of your orders into one place without ever having to log in anywhere else again other than Syncline.

You can view sales achieved for different time intervals on different market places, your entire inventory will be synched across your retail channels and you can manage all your deliveries and orders in one place.


Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well it is most definitely true with no strings attached. We want to help you calm the chaos of multi retail online selling.

Let us help you.


We are Syncline and we offer you multi-channel ecommerce solutions. Intrigued? Visit our website for more details. 

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