10 Tips To Boost Product Sales Through Email Marketing

Posted on: 17 December 2014
10 Tips To Boost Product Sales Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is the 2nd most powerful marketing medium after search and it accounts for 7% of the ecommerce transactions. Although email marketing is not a new boy in the town but still we find it difficult to properly segment and target it for maximum profitability. With ability to segment customers based on their purchases and engagement, no doubt we can easily craft a powerful email marketing campaign.


Here we are sharing 10 tips which can help you in boosting your product salesthrough email marketing.


1. Welcome Mail


Welcome mails can help a lot in introducing new customers to the site. All the customers who are new to the site can be sent an automated mail describing about the new offers and the products they are interested in buying.



2. Ask Customers To Review Products They Have Bought


You can offer your customers a competition-based incentive for leaving the review. This way you can keep them engaged. This strategy works best when you send mail to the customers after few days of product delivery.



3. Power Of A/B Testing


Create multiple variations of either the body content or subject line to identify which one engaged more customers and drove more conversions. Once you find the right combination you can use it to increase your revenue in no time.



4. New Arrival Emails


With the start of every new season, you have a new product in line-up. In order to get the maximum sales out of the new launched product, emails along with the newsletter informing your clients about the new products can be of great help.



5. Cart Abandonment Emails


Adding items to the cart and cart abandonment are some of the most valuable assets to focus on in order to improve your conversion rate optimization. Customers adding items to the cart are your potential customers. In order to use the potential of these customers track the path of their cart abandonment and once traced set up a condition in your automated tool. Once this condition is triggered, fire an automatic mail asking the customer for reasons of abandoning their cart. This way you can ask your customers why they haven’t completed the purchase. Are they facing any problem? Or they need something else.



6. Take Care Of Loyal Customers


One of the success tips for any ecommerce store is to take care of their loyal customers. One of the best ways to do this is to keep them updated via customized mails meant for them. You can send them special redemption offers and coupon codes via mail prompting them to use these on your website. Send them occasional discount mails and coupons.



7. Be Prepared With Seasonal Newsletters


Holiday season is coming. This is the time to generate more sales through holiday newsletters. Try to make a 12 month calendar with all the important dates including the festive season’s date specifically to your business. Set a reminder and start preparing for them in advance. With the on-set of each fixed date in the calendar start sending customers greetings along with the special offer you are providing.



8. Surprise Your Customers With Special Offers


During the times like Christmas you can surprise your customers by coming up with offers like last moment discounts. Not only will it increase the interest of customers in your products but at the same time will increase your sales as well.

9. Make Use Of Your Transaction Emails


Although transaction emails are meant for informing the successful completion of the purchase but it can be further used to provide the customers with extra features and coupons to the customers.



10. Make Use of the Special Dates


Don’t forget to offer something unique to your loyal customers on special dates. 



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